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Macovei: Ponta, Antonescu şi Voiculescu ar putea răspunde penal că nu am intrat în Schengen în 2012

Vineri, 09 Mai 2014   sursa :

Europarlamentarul Monica Macovei susţine că Victor Ponta, Crin Antonescu şi Dan Voiculescu ar trebui să dea socoteală şi să răspundă politic pentru faptul că România nu a intrat în spaţiul Schengen în anul 2012, afirmând că ar putea fi vorba în acest caz şi de "o răspundere penală". Întrebată, vineri, la Cluj-Napoca, într-o conferinţă de presă, de ce a sprijinit păstrarea MCV şi dacă românii ştiu să îşi facă treaba doar cu biciul, Monica Macovei a spus că susţine intrarea României în spaţiul Schengen şi menţinerea MCV, cele două nefiind legate una de alta, transmite corespondentul MEDIAFAX. "Toţi europarlamentarii am susţinut aderarea României în Schengen. Ultima ţară care se opunea a fost Olanda, care a spus că mai vrea două rapoarte MCV bune. Primul l-a avut la sfârşitul lui 2011 şi urma cel din iulie 2012, care a fost devastator după încălcările Constituţiei comise de USL, iar apoi toate rapoartele au fost devastatoare pentru clasa politică, nu pentru DNA şi ANI. Ponta, Antonescu şi Voiculescu să dea socoteală şi să răspundă pentru faptul că nu am intrat în Schengen în 2012. Susţin intrarea României în Schengen şi menţinerea MCV, cele două nu sunt legate una de alta. Cei trei să dea socoteală politic şi lumea să ştie că datorită lor nu am intrat în Schengen. Ne putem gândi şi mai departe, dacă nu este cumva şi o răspundere penală, pentru că este interesul naţional al României să intre în Schengen. Ei trădează ţara, cine apără baronii locali trădează ţara", a spus Macovei. Întrebată în continuare unde s-ar încadra răspunderea penală, Macovei a subliniat că nu vrea să dea alte detalii."Nu vreau să etichetez, dar se poate gândi şi o astfel de răspundere", a afirmat europarlamentarul PDL.

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Autor : Branhom
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Autor : ZSI8CQqGlz9
Biggest humiliation at Morrison ever!!!I have been reefusd to be sold a four-pack of lager. When I have been asked for a proof of identity, I presented my Polish Identity Card (EQUAL TO PASSPORT!!!!). The cashier looked at it and loudly announced “we do not accept these!” She did it in a way she is used to doing and loving it. When I asked what she meant, she said “we only take “those” with EU sign on” and started serving another customer. All eyes around me started obviously staring at me immediately. I would normally leave it but instead I asked whether I could speak to a manager. This came as a shock to me that they reefusd a document that is accepted at every border in European Union and I used it to visit a lot of countries. Moreover, this is a document that is used and accepted as Legal Right to Work in the UK! So how come it is NOT accepted as a proof of age in one of the biggest supermarkets in the same country?!After few minutes, the casher’s supervisor came to see me. She had obviously already been informed what the situation was as she was shouting while walking towards me “Are you Polish? No, we don’t accept them! Nor do Tescos, sorry!”. At which I answered “but I have not got my passport at the moment and this is the only proof of identity I have got; it is regarded to be as valid as passport”. She said “no, we only take those from European Union”. At that point there wasn’t one person at the cash area who would not be looking at me. I just said quietly “but Poland is in European Union”, turned and walked away. My face was bright red and tears came down my face. I cried all the way home and can’t still believe what I experienced in one of the biggest shops, in one of the most civilised countries in the world!You can say what you want here – employers and staff have their own rights to refuse serving but let me tell you something – you want your customers and you want to provide a good service then learn the basics!!! I work as a senior Recruiter for one of the biggest global banks, based in London and wanting to give jobs to the most desired people, I had to make the minimum effort and learn how their identity cards look!!! [url=]mqqcis[/url] [link=]ijinubxfp[/link]
Autor : 1Q690qwVb
Thank you for the reply! It all depends on the cnomapy policy I’m afraid. The decision is with them they have the right to ask again for I.D and they do have the right of refusal. EU cards are a bit of a grey area with some people, they don’t seem to be on anyone’s list. So its not about just checking for fakes. Some people may have been let off in the past with an I.D but then refused when they go back. The fact is all places have some form of training (Sainsbury’s have Think 25 training every six months I believe) and it will always be down to the judgement of the person behind the till because they have a huge responsibility for stopping underage drinking. underage drinking is the main reason everyone’s gone a bit mental. People have to remember those who face a huge fine for little more than wrongly judging a persons age! I just find it sad that all this fuss is caused so people can drink and smoke then dress the issue up by using words like discrimination an racism…..its disgusting…a till worker risks on the spot fines, removal of license to sell age related products and could have the business shut down. This is a snippet of what we receive in trading standards packs A responsible retailer will: Train till staff and provide regular reminders/refresher training.Adopt a policy not to sell when there is doubt.Display statutory signs and deterrent posters.Always ask for proof of age. “No ID, No Sale”Comply with the spirit and the letter of the law.Work with enforcement agencies and make them aware of suspected sources.Keep a record of refusals .People will just have to get used to the fact that not all places may accept your I.D. We cant just accept any card that has a photo, D.O.B and a holographic mark either, it has to be valid for that business, It depends on cnomapy policy and if they aren’t worried about losing money then you shouldn’t be either. But then that’s just another excuse for everyone to jump on a bandwagon when really its just about hurt feelings. There must be some loss of revenue but not enough for anyone to even think about changing how things are done. However, I think people do need to rethink the lists of what people can accept and then don’t change it for a very long time! One card that is an I.D, a passport, a travel card, a phone, a compact mirror maybe. Thanks again.
Autor : tTJc5Yjfe4y
I think yesterday I excerienped a very clean discrimination episode that I really feel like taking out of my chest. I went to my local shop, let\'s call it X . I am 26 years old, althought I look older I carry my Brazilian passport and my national foreing ID (a spouse visa) card issued by the British Home Office (which they assured me it is my single ID in this country). The manager of this shop refused to sell me cigarettes on the grounds if it\'s not a British passport it could be fake and we do not accept this national foreign ID card. Just apply for a PASS .I went back home and researched the shop\'s policy online called the Home Office. The guy in the Home Office phoneline told me that my national foreing ID has to be accepted. The shops\' policy online does not mention that they would not accept foreign passports.I went back to the shop and calmly tried to explain to the manager that refusing to accept my passport on the grounds that if it\'s not British it could be fake is CLEARLY unreasonable discrimination and it could configurate a lawsuit. I tried to speak to her 4 times she never let me finish one sentence shouted at me saying that I was treating her like a child and that I was threaning to sue her. I insisted that I was threaning at all I was just trying to explain that unreasonable discrimination is something serious that can lead to a lawsuit, but I was not going to do that at all, but I would like to be treated fairly. Another two till people joined her shouted at , laughed at me and demanded that I left the shop. I sound surreal, but I can guarantee that I didn\'t even raised my voice. I am a Law student, and I know how much you can loose just by talking to people in a wrong way.I called the Head office of this chain of supermarkets and the lady in the other side of the line, refused to accept my view and even added,something along this lines: well, if you threaned to sue the shop, it is understandable that they reacted like that . She very biased and I felt that it felt really stupid that I even bothered to call them.They claim that it is on their policy not to accept foreign passport as a form of ID.Funilly enough this very discriminatory statement is not available on their general policy on their website.I love this country and I am decided that this is where I am going to live for long and long years. I live here legally, pay my taxes and I just wished that this minority of people that are very biggoted could step on our shoes and think how awful what they and how distressing it can be to someone. [url=]kltfxf[/url] [link=]rrgjokxcm[/link]
Autor : Qiss1ufKzO
I stumbled acrsos this thread because I wanted to educate the people I work with. I’ve worked in retail for 11 years mainly for the co-op, Sainsbury’s and a few newsagents here and there. After reading this I don’t know why I bother. At the end of the day if people feel discriminated against then maybe the staff that asked for the I.D didn’t do it discretely enough. But your reactions are disgusting! I have yet to meet someone that actually enjoys asking for I.D like you think they do! You DO get training for this at Sainsbury’s and the co-op but the newsagents I currently work at does not provide training for….anything! I get frustrated with asking for I.D because there is the whole UNDER 25 thing now and there only seems to be lists and people telling you what you can’t accept.Nobody should be accepting out of date cards or passports. A passport is no longer valid because its out of date.Student cards are not valid forms of I.D.We need to be able to tell what kind of I.D has been given to us, if all of it is in a different language the customer should be asked what it is and then staff can go from there….I had a card given to me that was actually a student card from a different country. Even if it was a valid I.D from another country it still has to be something that a staff member has been told they can accept.If others accept your I.D….banks for example it DOES NOT MEAN IT IS VALID FOR US.If we are in doubt we have the right to refuse…which means court cases and petitions mean nothing…if you received bad service then that is completely different. I find the comments regarding training really disturbing considering not many people on this thread have any clue about I.D themselves! I think people should be forced to work in retail for at least a year and then you’ll see how hard it is just to do your job! I love the fact nobody has noticed how many of you have even spoken to managers and have been refused! As if a Sainsbury’s manager would discriminate against a customer! They bend over backwards to lick customers arses!You need to face the fact that you were refused and were embarrassed about it. I got asked for I.D in Nottingham for a BURGER….and I was refused because they weren’t accepting my particular I.D at the time! (I think it was way back when connexions cards were being accepted then they weren’t) It happens! Not just to people that have foreign identification but to all of us.Also, a quick note about English shop assistants not accepting Scottish or Northern Irish Sterling notes. In most cases its actually the customers that refuse them! I work in one of four newsagents in Newcastle City Centre and we accept them but a customer would rather die that take it from us! Even a customer that gave me a Scottish note in the first place! They are also the ones that are faked the most. Just because somethin may be legal tender doesn’t mean we actually have to take it. I would just like to remind you in a really nice way, I swear that I understand it must be frustrating and embarrassing and you probably take it personally but it really isn’t anything like that. Staff don’t get paid enough to deal with arguments.Thank you for your time, and well done if you managed to read all of my post!
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