Satu Mare situat in nord-vestul României, străbătut de vechiul râu Someş şi locuit din timpuri imemoriabile de geto-daci, a fost leagănul culturii şi civilizaţiei româneşti.

  Satu Mare, Romania

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Luni, 10 Decembrie 2018

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Pizzeria AL CAPONE

Miercuri, 14 Ianuarie 2009

Pizzeria AL CAPONE
adresa: B-dul Cloșca, nr. 9
telefon: 0261 - 722.222
mobil: 0741 - 213.213
mobil: 0732 - 40.70.96 

Comenzi anticipate:
In cazul unei comenzi anticipate pentru o ora fixa va recomandam sa predati comanda personalului nostru cu cel putin 2 ore mai devreme petreceri, zile de nastere sau alte evenimente  

Timp de livrare:
Timpul de livrare este intre 30-60 de minute. In functie de aglomeratie si conditiile meteorologice, aceasta poate fii mai mare, motiv pentru care ne cerem scuze anticipat.

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Robert from United Kingdom, September 27, 2012 at 8:08 PM Excellent facilities for young chdirlen. Friendly staff Located on \'s stoney beach, direct bus to Verona, short taxi to Verona airport good value good eating places on site good child entertainment on site able to hire high chairs, cots, sheets at a reasonable price.
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Lou\'s is good for pizza, but I would recommend Uno\'s for Chicago deep dish pizza. Morton\'s Steak house, Italian Village for diennr. Harry Carey\'s or Mike Ditka for lunch/diennr if you are sports fans.
Autor : IqxedCqVxo2
Hello Mary May,Thanks for your question. No, we don\'t use aninhytg on the stone, nothing. You can place your dough right onto the stone and to get it to move easily, when preparing the pizza sprinkle some corn meal on your breadboard or work surface; those kernels will help the bottom of your pizza roll\' onto the stone. Happy Pizza Making and thanks again!!
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Autor : Bozy
Vorbiti draq romana, bozgorilor!
Autor : lilu
a tenap este 6 utan voltunk ott es 70 lej folott fizettunk.Erdekes,hogy elotte 2 nappal megkaptuk a 15% kedvezmeny ra 2 napra meg nem.A kis pincer csaj megfeledkezett rola.En azert a kormukre neznek a beosztotjaimnak!Nem eleg,hogy draga egy hely de meg ami jar azt sem adjak meg.
Autor : mella
Doar tu ai ajuns in spital dupa ce ai mancat pizza de la Al Capone,probabil ca erai constipat de vre-o saptamana,eu mananc foarte des pizza de la ei si nu am patit niciodata nimic,ador pizza care se face acolo si fetele sunt niste dragute,dar tu ,,doar eu,,probabil ca ai mancat niste ,,produsuri ,,proaspat expirate.
Autor : doar eu
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Al Capone

Pizzeria AL CAPONE
Miercuri, 14 Ianuarie 2009
Pizzeria AL CAPONEadresa: B-dul Cloșca, nr. 9 telefon: 0261 - 722.222 mobil: 0741 - 213.213 mobil: 0732 - 40.70.96 Comenzi anticipate: In cazul unei comenzi anticipate pentru o ora fixa va r ...

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