Satu Mare situat in nord-vestul României, străbătut de vechiul râu Someş şi locuit din timpuri imemoriabile de geto-daci, a fost leagănul culturii şi civilizaţiei româneşti.

  Satu Mare, Romania

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Cora Gheorghe

Vineri, 15 Octombrie 2010

Cora Gheorghe BLOG

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Autor : Vfu6x86s4
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Autor : W0cEypnQPt2c
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Autor : U0rBHBi5VbpY
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Autor : 82tQgDF3MJLg
Mokhaled Al-Iraqi قال:Hi brother, I\' was lniookg to your S.V and I\'m proud of you. I liked your energy to discuss these difficult topics.I hope you\'re doing well and see you soonMaybe in Fall breakMokhaled
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Cora Gheorghe
Vineri, 15 Octombrie 2010
Cora Gheorghe BLOGaccesibil la adresa ...

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